La Liga Futbol Camps FAQ

Q: Do the camp coaches coach for the Spanish La Liga clubs?

A: Yes, they do. They not only coach for the best soccer academies in the World, but also they develop scouting tasks for their La Liga clubs, so they can sign up the best talent possible for their clubs and teams.

Q: What background and experience do the coaches have?

A: All of our coaches have more than 7 years of experience with professional La Liga clubs academies. They have won National titles and competed in multiple International Tournaments in many cases beating Champions League clubs from England, Germany or Portugal. They all hold the Spanish National Royal Soccer Federation certification. All coaches also hold a Sports Science Bachelors Degree and even the Masters in Education.

Q: Cancellation Refund Policy

Date of Cancelation LLFC
Before March 15th 40% of deposit
Between March 15th & 70 days before the camp starts No refund
Between 70 & 40 days before the camp starts 50% of full registration fee
Less than 40 days prior to when the camp starts No refunds

A: If a player reserves a place in the La Liga Futbol Camps,Inc. program and subsequently cancels, the following refund policy will apply: Notification of cancellation must be made in writing to: La Liga Futbol Camps,Inc. Rúa Xuncal n5 , 4a drcha, Oleiros A Coruña, Spain. Cancellations are effective on the date that La Liga Futbol Camps,Inc. receives written notification. There will be no refunds for players who voluntarily cancel for any reason from a La Liga Futbol Camps,Inc. program, nor will there be any refund for a player who is asked to leave a program for the use of drugs or alcohol, non-notification of a serious medical condition, or gross disobedience of the rules of the program (decisions which are at the sole discretion of La Liga Futbol Camps,Inc.).

Q: How does the family package work?

A: Players will participate in the camp separately from their parents. Everything is set up for the players once they arrive in Madrid, Spain. Parents are more than welcome to come watch their child's practice sessions. For the parents, La Liga Futbol Camps, Inc. has arranged semi luxury beach front accommodations (click here) for their stay at Santa Cristina Beach, barely 2 miles away from Acea da Ma Sports Complex . However, they will enjoy the freedom to decide what to do, eat or visit during the duration of the camp and their stay. For additional features during their stay please contact us.


Q: When and where participants must arrive/departure? Does the camp provide any travel supervision?

A: Airport arrival/Departure: Arrival to Madrid Barajas Adolfo Suárez Airport on Saturday, June 28th (from 8 am to 6 pm) Departure from Madrid Barajas Adolfo Suárez Airport on Saturday, July 10th (from 8 am to 2 pm) Personal drop off/Pick up:
TBD La Liga Futbol Camps,Inc. (2 weeks): June 25th - July 9th
We hope that your parents can come too through our Family Package. Otherwise, La Liga Futbol Camps will have at least 2 members of their staff traveling from the USA (Birmingham, AL and/or Atlanta, GA to Madrid) for the camp.Premium package players travel can be coordinated to be supervised by one of the traveling staff members. This is especially important for the younger players. For staff travel schedule please contact us about it as soon as possible.

Q: How do you manage an underage traveling?

A: When you purchase the airline ticket you have to specify to the airline that there will be and underage traveling alone and they will get you the details on what to do. There is an extra airline charge for this service; you must pay the full amount for the round trip. We will facilitate you the needed information on the adult who will pick up the participant at the airport in order to facilitate the information to the airline.

Q: How does the airport transfer work? What if the arrival is after the set schedule?

A: La Liga Futbol Camps, Inc. The La Liga Futbol Camps, Inc. Web Site is comprise d of various Web pages operated by La Liga Futbol Camps, Inc. The La Liga Futbol Camps, Inc. Web Site is offered to you conditioned on your acceptance without modification of the terms, conditions, and notices contained herein. Your use of the La Liga Futbol Camps, Inc. Web Site constitutes your a greement to all such terms, conditions, and notices.

Q:How does the airport transfer work? What if the arrival is after the set schedule?

A: All the participants from the premium package are picked up at the airport. For basic package participants, a drop off address will be provided to your family. We will need all the flight information at least three weeks before the event starts in order to organize airport transfers. There is a set schedule for the arrivals, if your flight arrives late in the afternoon an extra fee will be charged.

Q: Do I need a visa?

A: NO, visa is NOT required for USA or Canada passport holders traveling to Spain, for a stay up to three months. If you are not of the mentioned countries, please contact the Embassy or Consulate of Spain in your country regarding visa requirements.

Q:Do you offer special fees for flights?

A: No, it is more affordable if you search for your own flights.

Q: Do I need additional vaccinations?

A: NO, NO additional vaccinations are required when traveling between the United States or Canada and Spain.

Q: How much money should I give to my child?

A: No money is necessary for the camp development. We recommend just money for soft drinks, souvenirs and miscellaneous.

Q: Do I need to get health insurance?

A: We do provide a basic travel health insurance for participants but we strongly encourage you to purchase cancellation and interruption insurance and additional health insurance to protect against financial loss from unforeseen accidents, illness, and/or loss of baggage.

Q: How do you assign the rooms at the dorm?

A: Dorm bedrooms will be shared with one or two more players and they have inside bathrooms. The rooms will be assigned by ages. Each gender will be located at a different floor and there will be at least one male and female staff member available 24/7.

Q: Are the bathroom and lavatory located in each bedroom?

A: Yes, full-equipped bathrooms are located within each bedroom.

Q: Are sheets/pillows provided by the residence?

A: The residence provides towels (changed twice a week) and sheets/pillows that are changed once a week.

Q: Is there internet access for children to contact to their parents?

A: The dorms have wifi all around and computer room available for the players. However, we will assign a specific period to use Internet and a counselor will be around to check on the participants.

Q: How about the meals at the residence?

A: Players will have a full meal plan included. Special meal plan will be provided if needed for the players. In case of special needs, parents must specify it in advance.

Q: Where can the players leave their valuables?

A: We strongly recommend not bringing valuable items; even like that they can be left either on a safe deposit or camp director.

Q: Are parents allowed to visit the players at the dorm?

A: Parents can visit the players at the dorms under previous notice and in a specific schedule but we don't recommend this options unless is strictly necessary.

Training Sessions

Q: Where do the trainings take place?

A: The training sessions take place at the Acea da Ma Sports complex, within the CRD Dorms complex.

Q: How do you set up the practice groups on the first day?

A: At the very beginning participants will be separated by age and gender, but afterwards the coaches will move them around depending on their skills.

The practice soccer field, is 3rd generation turf, so please be ready to bring at least two pairs of turf cleats.

Q: Where do participants will eat their meals? Can they buy extra snacks?

A: All meals provided will be served at the CRD Dorm's diner rooms. We do not recommend participants to get extra-snacks. One of the teachings of La Liga Futbol Camps is a balanced athlete Mediterranean diet.

Q: What is the ratio coach/players?

A: The ratio will be 1 professional La Liga club coach for each 11 players. This adult/camper ratio is actually a requirement by law in Spain.

Camp Development

Q: What other activities are besides training?

A: The camp coaches and staff will run night activities and during the weekend we will have day trips, stadium tours, city tours, etc...

Q: What language coaches and staff will speak?

A: English and Spanish

Q: Do you have a public telephone at the residence?

A: There is a public telephone at the front desk area; participants can call using a phone card (National calls are free).

Q: Are cell phones allowed all the time during camp?

A: Cell phones have to be left at the residence with the counselor. Phones can be used on their free time in the afternoon.

Q: When is the best time to call?

A: We strongly recommend you to call during participants’ free time that is from 9:00 pm to 10:00 pm Spanish time.

Q: How can I contact the camp staff?

A: You can call the office at anytime. We will provide you with the camp director and coordinator contact numbers. For emergencies see below.

Q: Are there any forbidden items/substances at camp?

A: Alcohol, drugs, performance enhancement subtances and tobacco are strictly forbidden during camp.

Q: How do you manage a participant misbehavior?

A: Participants must respect the other participants and camp staff and follow the daily planning of the camp and rules. Any serious misbehavior will be subject to immediate expulsion. Parent orGuardian will be immediately notified and will have to purchase the return ticket.

Q: What qualifications and checks do your coaches and staff have?

A: All coaches and staff members are qualified and have been checked by the Spanish Criminal Records Bureau or through US Background Check. La Liga Futbol Camps is committed to the safety and welfare of all children attending our camps and has a Child Protection Policy in place.

Q: Where can I call for an emergency? Other phone numbers?

A: In case you have an emergency and you need to contact us you can call us at the contact phone or email or to the Director's number at any time.

For any additional questions please contact us.